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Email marketing service for managing mailing list and email campaigns.

About SendGrid

"SendGrid is a cloud-based email delivery platform that helps businesses send transactional and marketing emails reliably and at scale. It provides tools and services for managing email campaigns, delivering transactional emails such as order confirmations and password resets, and analyzing email performance.

With SendGrid, businesses can ensure reliable email delivery to their recipients' inboxes, whether for marketing campaigns or transactional communications. The platform provides tools for creating and sending marketing emails, including customizable templates and contact list management. Additionally, SendGrid enables businesses to send automated transactional emails triggered by specific user actions, such as purchases or account registrations. The robust API integration allows for seamless incorporation of email functionality into applications, websites, or platforms. SendGrid's analytics and reporting features provide valuable insights into email campaign performance, including metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and engagement metrics. With support for A/B testing, businesses can experiment with different email variations to optimize campaign effectiveness."
How to integrate it with Muvi

"Sign up for SendGrid:
If you haven't already, sign up for a SendGrid account on their website.

Explore SendGrid API documentation:
Familiarize yourself with SendGrid's API documentation, which provides information on how to interact with SendGrid's services programmatically. You can find SendGrid's API documentation on their website.
Generate API keys:
In your SendGrid account settings, generate an API key. This key will be used to authenticate your requests to the SendGrid API.
Implement integration:
Share the API keys with us. We will write the custom code to make API requests, configuring settings in your platform's administration panel, or installing and configuring third-party integrations.
Test integration:
Test the integration thoroughly to ensure that it functions correctly and meets your requirements. Test various scenarios, such as sending test emails, tracking email delivery, and handling errors."
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